Custom Clips

*Please note that as of May 2023 my Custom Clips are VERY limited due to my schedule.
You are welcome to enquire but if I do somehow have space for a clip there will be a wait.*

If you're a fan of my content but need a little something extra, why not request a custom clip of your very own?
Most popular by far are my personalised scolding clips; POV with your name and specific buzz words and phrases used, and only your imagination to limit you!
I've played every role from cousin to step mom to teacher - don't be shy if you have a specific roleplay you'd like bringing to life.
Have a look at my clip library for examples of my style of filming and some of the genres covered, and email me to enquire about your special fantasy, or to book your clip.
I am unable to accomodate custom clips involving  another person, be it a slave or additional mistress.


Clips start at £40 for 5 minutes of wonderful, squirming scolding, and are not made available to anyone else.
Contact me below to enquire about yours!