Genuine Punish ment Clips

- I have a few clips available that feature me in action with a couple of play partners, which are no longer available via my fan site.

Please email me if you wish to purchase direct.


1) Serious Hand Spanking (5 min 45)  - OTK 

2) Hard Hand Spanking (4 min 59) - OTK

3) A Good Flogging (3 min 31) - Recipient laid flat

4) Bedtime Slippering  (3 min 54)  -Large slipper applied to laid flat recipient, with scolding

5) Licks of the Dragon Whip  (3 min49) - This fascinating and beautiful implement applied to laid flat recipient.

6) Using Your Own Belt  (5 min 33) - Recipient bent over, thrashed with belt taken from his own trousers

7) Classmate Punished, You're Next  (6 min) - Scholastic Setting, POV watching recipient take the punishment you'll receive. Large slipper over the desk, scolding and cane.